Friday, May 6, 2011

What Do Babies REALLY need?

It can be exciting when you first find out your pregnant and you want to go out and buy all the cute stuff that goes with babies!   But you'll be surprised to discover that babies need very little.

Before Chris and I started our baby registry, we did our research into what was an actual need and what was nice to have. We asked many of our friends what they felt was something that they could not live without. The list below is what I believe are the essentials for a baby:

- crib/bassinet
- 8-10 onesies
- sheets for crib/bassinet
- cloth diapers (for burp cloths, rags)
- bottles (if you are bottle feeding)
- nipple cream (if you are breastfeeding)
- swaddles (I didn't think I would need these, but they have become a lifesaver!)
- pacifier
- car seat
- stroller or carrier

Now, 4 months after baby was born, there are things that I am particularly glad that I have because they get used daily:

- mobile (on top of the crib)
- blanket with a Winnie-the-Pooh head (My son loves gripping it.)
- cloth diapers (I didn't know I would need these everyday, but I do. I use them for spit up cloths)
- swaddle (Thank you Teresa and Mike for this. It is a pre-made swaddle that Velcros together)
- Transition sounds (CD transitions: soothing sounds for crying infants)
- Moby wrap (to hold Ryley when he is being fussy or whenever I need to use both hands)

I didn't buy any special furniture for the changing table. I used a bureau that was my mother's growing up, repainted it and added a portable changing pad. I didn't even buy a diaper bag to begin with but used the one the hospital gave us. I just didn't want a lot of extra stuff in my house.

Babies don't need much in the way of "things." As long as they have food, clothes, a place to sleep and a car seat they have the most important "things." Other gadgets and gizmos are helpful, but not necessities.

Below is a great website for money saving tips. She has a series out about having a baby without breaking the bank. Check it out for more ideas.

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