Friday, March 4, 2011


I'm happy you dropped in!  Gone are the days of having coffee over the fence while the children played in the yard.  Some parents are single and must work, some families are two-income.  A few are able to stay  home with their children but need the stimulation of other parents.  This is designed to simulate the coffee clutch - an exchange of ideas between parents in a casual setting.  

This blog will include activities to do with children for each holiday.   I love themes!  Book reviews will be included as well so please let me know if you have a favorite book I should check out for parents! 

A few of the topics you'll see here:

Raising a happy child. 
Letting children touch!
How to avoid the "no" stage.
How to avoid food wars.
Teaching your child about money.
How to get your teen to talk to you.
How to stay in the loop about your teen's activities.

Please let me know what topics you are interested in!  Together we can raise children who make thoughtful successful adults.  


  1. We're at the "no" stage -- love to read up on how to get OUT of it!